Airlie Beach - Local Jobs

The town of Airlie Beach, which is found in the Whitsunday Shire, is recognised as being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Queensland. Travellers from far and wide come to this town to launch their holiday in the Whitsundays. So, it's not hard to see how local jobs in Airlie Beach and in the Whitsundays are generated largely by the tourism and hospitality sector. Another good source of local employment is at one of the many sugar cane farms found throughout the district.

Accommodation, cafes and restaurants are the largest industry in and around Airlie Beach, providing around 20% of the local jobs for the region's employed workforce. This is closely followed by retail outlets that offer around 13% employment and the sugar industry that covers 8% of the local job total. Employment rates in the Airlie Beach area are high and there is a good chance that if visiting Airlie Beach with a current working holiday visa, or travelling with a valid tax file number, that either full-time or part-time work can be found easily.

Specific local jobs that travellers often participate in while at Airlie Beach are; waitresses, cleaners, chefs and cooks in the hospitality industry and boat hands, hostesses or qualified dive instructors for boating charters that usually last one to three days each. In Airlie Beach's surrounding areas the sugar industry employs many travellers to do various jobs and there is, depending on the season, construction and labouring jobs usually scattered around the local area too.

Airlie Beach and the nearby Whitsunday region enjoys one of the fastest tourism growth rates in the state of Queensland and this is expected to continue to contribute significantly to the local economy and amount of local jobs on offer. When looking for a local job in Airlie Beach or the surrounding areas, remember that good employment prospects exist for those with the will and enthusiasm to work.

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