Airlie Beach - Working Holiday Visas

Besides boosting holiday funds, working holiday visas are a good opportunity to get to meet Australians and really experience Airlie Beach and the rest of this interesting country, rather than just do the tourist thing. Working holiday visas are a good alternative for travellers who want to enjoy more than just a quick holiday, but make sure the visas are obtained before you leave your home country.

Working holiday visas are how many travellers acquire jobs in and around the area of Airlie Beach. The main criterion that has to be met to obtain a working visa in Australia is that you are aged between 18 and 30 and without dependent children. Once issued, most of the working holiday visas are valid for a maximum of one year, and state that the maximum time you can spend with any single employer is three months. Countries that are part of the working holiday program include the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Cyprus, Ireland, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

To find out more about the rules and conditions of the wide range of visas Australia has to offer, you may like to visit The Australian Department of Immigration website. With visas ranging from short term tourist visas to long term working visas and the rules changing frequently, it is recommended to keep up to date on the issue of holiday visas, if wanting to work or visit Airlie Beach in particular. The number one thing however is to remember you need to make the application for a holiday working visa outside Australia, either by visiting an embassy or consulate.

When the holiday working visa has been obtained and you have found yourself a job in Australia or more specifically, Airlie Beach, you will be paid according to Australian award rates and conditions.

If interested in working or visiting Airlie Beach, just remember that anyone who is not an Australian citizen needs a valid visa and passport to enter and spend time in the beautiful country, Australia.

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