Whitehaven Beach Scenic Flight by Helicopter

Airlie Beach helicopter flights over the Whitsunday district lead you over a rare, unspoilt paradise offering the most stunning views in the world. Popular questions including what is a helicopter flight, who can we do it with and where do we do it can all be explained by any form of information service in Airlie Beach. Don't miss out on the pure joy of a helicopter flight over the gorgeous Whitsundays when visiting the town of Airlie Beach.

Sightseeing tours over the whitsundays

Helicopter flights departing from Airlie Beach provide a great opportunity to view the most spectacular destination in Australia, the Whitsundays. Flights guarantee photo and video opportunities of pristine waters, picturesque islands and extraordinary beaches from a birds eye view. All Airlie Beach helicopter flights, whether they do or do not include remote island drop-offs and pick ups, offer passengers a once in a life time experience.

Ranging from 10 minute excursions to half and full day island interludes, Airlie Beach helicopter flights cover areas from the spectacular Airlie Beach coastline to the outer Great Barrier Reef. Departing from the Whitsunday airport, only 2 minutes drive out of Airlie Beach, helicopter flights are not only a source of pure exhilaration but conveniently accessible too.

Discover the famous views of the Whitsundays by experiencing a helicopter flight. Airlie Beach's 10 minute scenic helicopter flights take passengers on a journey to

A 30 minute helicopter flights ventures further out over the Whitsunday waters and provides panoramic views for miles around. The 60 minute helicopter flights supply a voyage over the breathtaking

Other than a standard scenic flight, Airlie Beach helicopter companies also cater for half and full day inter-island drop-offs and pick ups, which let you take advantage of secluded beaches as well as fabulous flight views.

Airlie Beach helicopter flights are a wonderful idea if wanting to see the magnificent Whitsunday region from a different perspective. Along with the feelings of pure exhilaration, true beauty and complete peace, Airlie Beach helicopter flights provide an experience not found anywhere else in the world.