What is an Airlie Beach Helicopter Flight?

While you are planning your tropical dream holiday in Airlie Beach, experience the thrill of an Airlie Beach Helicopter flight over some of the most amazing islands in the Whitsunday's. Experience this once in a lifetime opportunity, as you fly over the Whitsunday's countless islands, Resorts, fringing reefs, and world-renowned Whitehaven Beach. The fabulous Airlie Beach Helicopter tours are designed to leave you with extraordinarily impressive memories.

A few local aircraft operate from the Airlie Beach airport, including Heli-Reef, Air Paradise and Air Whitsunday. The ultimate luxury is a Helicopter flight which lands on an uninhabited sand island for a champagne lunch. All Airlie Beach Helicopter flights offer unique experiences that may or may not include remote location drop offs and pick ups. What an exhilarating way to see and experience the Whitsunday islands, Airlie Beach and the Great Barrier Reef.

An Airlie Beach Helicopter flight will provide you with the feeling of pure exhilaration as it takes you on a journey over the most spectacular landmarks of the Whitsunday's. There are countless photo and video opportunities available to capture the images of the picturesque islands, and unforgettable beaches. The scenic flights by Helicopter lead you to a rare, unspoilt paradise with the most beautiful views in the world.

Aerial tours by Helicopter take in the magic of the Whitsunday islands and the outer Great Barrier Reef. From the air, the view is inspiring and a visual reminder to anyone, that this collection of aquatic jewels is one of the rarest and most excellent clusters of islands in the world. Helicopter flights provide fantastic views of this spectacular part of the world and a guaranteed trip you will always remember.

There are many ways to enjoy the wonders of the islands but Airlie Beach Helicopter tours provide an excellent way to experience the Whitsunday's from a different perspective