Airlie Beach - Seaplanes

Airlie Beach seaplane flights are a great way to discover the magnitude of the Whitsundays. Enjoy everything from the dazzling Airlie Beach coastline, glorious Whitehaven Beach and the Whitsunday's 74 islands, to the outer Great Barrier Reef and stunning Pacific Ocean. Popular questions including what is a seaplane flight, who can we do it with and where do we do it, can all be explained by any form of information service in the wonderful town of Airlie Beach. Experience the majestic wonders hidden amongst the Whitsundays from a seaplanes aerial perspective.

The spectacular views of the Whitsundays are there to be enjoyed, so it is guaranteed that highly experienced Airlie Beach seaplane pilots take passengers on a ride of a lifetime. Including large panoramic windows, passenger headsets and brilliant pilot commentary, an Airlie Beach seaplane flight is an excellent way to view the Whitsunday paradise from above.

Airlie Beach seaplanes are the ideal way to familiarise yourself with the exhilaration and enjoyment of a water take-off and landing. Whether a scenic 15 minute flight or half/full day inter-island interlude is booked, seaplane flights are a remarkable way to spend your time, while visiting Airlie Beach.

A 15 minute scenic seaplane flight provides a superb opportunity to discover Airlie Beach's gorgeous surroundings, including the Molle Group, Long Island, the Shute Harbour mainland and the stunning Airlie Beach coastline. A spectacular 40 or 60 minute scenic flight takes passengers soaring over the Pacific Ocean and the Great Barrier Reef. From just 500 feet above the water the flight provides some remarkable photographic opportunities. Lastly, half and full day seaplane flights are based around pure indulgence. These flights include aerial, on-water and underwater views while jumping from one isolated island to another.

Airlie Beach seaplane flights are a great way to understand the true beauty the Whitsunday region has to offer. Whether it is a quick scenic flight or full day excursion, seaplanes are guaranteed to elicit unforgettable memories.