Airlie Beach - Adventure Sailing

Aboard an Airlie Beach adventure sailing expedition around the outstanding Whitsundays, you can sail the seas and explore the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. Sailing adventures usually last approximately 3 to 6 days and the vessels usually accommodate between 8 to 20 guests, depending on the size and style of the vessel.

Each adventure sailing craft has a fully qualified crew that have had years of sailing experience. With crew including a skipper, deck crew, hostess or cook, passengers are guaranteed gourmet meals while relaxing in the comfort of knowing they're being taken to the most impressive coral reefs, water carved coves, secluded inlets, golden beaches and beautiful bays.

Airlie Beach adventure sailing vessels range from historic to contemporary style but whichever type is chosen, passengers are encouraged to join the crew and help sail across the world renowned Whitsunday waters.