Diving and snorkeling trips around Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday region offer some of the most spectacular diving courses and sites in the world. Diving trips take participants to a number of different locations, from the Airlie Beach Marina, famous SS Yongala wreck, to the outer Great Barrier Reef.

The great barrier reef, the most spectacular diving sites in the world, copyright duiops.net

Dive training, education and adventures in Airlie Beach accommodate for all levels of experience. There are excellent diving trips suitable for the newly certified through to the professionally advanced diver and all guarantee an impressive glimpse at the aquatic life. Diving in waters usually around 20-25 degrees and averaging visibility of 15-25meters, it's not hard to imagine the vast stretches of pristine coral formations and abundant fish life viewable in every direction.

Combining a dive training course and pleasurable dive in a single trip is a perfect way to enjoy and understand what the Whitsunday waters hide below the surface. Available at anytime throughout the year, diving off the world renowned coast of Airlie Beach is a magnificent opportunity, not to be missed.