The Great Barrier Reef

The feeling of freedom, the sense of complete relaxation and the knowledge your on Australia's most gorgeous stretch of ocean, can only be found off the coast of Airlie Beach. On a charter, Sailing trip, piece of rental equipment or out diving, the Whitsunday waters are guaranteed not to disappoint.


There are two types of charters available to Airlie Beach visitors; these are Bareboat Charters and Private Crewed Charters. Charter vessel options include yachts, Sailing catamarans, power cruisers or power catamarans ranging from standard to luxurious. A bareboat charter literally means 'skipper yourself', and it gives you the option to go where ever you want, when ever you want. Alternatively, a private crewed charter hosts a fully experienced crew that takes passengers all around the best Whitsunday locations.

In the sea, off the coast of Airlie Beach, there is also a number of Sailing options. Sailing across the beautiful waters of the Whitsundays, with a qualified crew and a gorgeous Sailing vessel is utter ecstasy. Adventure Sailing trips are the first option and boast an action-packed expedition where the passengers become part of the crew. Standard crewed Sailing and luxury crewed Sailing are also available, with the luxury selection being the ultimate way to sail the Whitsundays in pure indulgence. Lastly, there is traditional Sailing which encompasses a voyage shrouded in maritime History.

The most popular rental equipment for enjoying what the sea has to offer is yachts, motor cruisers and jet skis. Each and every rental company found on the Airlie Beach coast assures excellent customer service and fully operational equipment and vessels. Another great water activity to participate in at Airlie Beach is diving. Courses run all year round and the dive sites are world renowned.

What ever way you choose to venture out into the sea, understand that the Whitsunday waters hold hidden treasures for you to discover.