Airlie Beach - Rent Ocean Equipment

Rent equipment for the sea comes in many forms, but the most popular types among visitors are the yachts, motor cruisers and jet skis. Airlie Beach rental equipment is ideal for exploring the 74 intriguing islands, striking Airlie Beach coastline, masses of coral reef and endless expanses of Pacific Ocean. All rental companies pride themselves on personalised and professional service to ensure customers a memorable sea experience.

Airlie Beach yacht rental is thought to be the best way to challenge yourself and enjoy the Whitsunday wonderland, all at once. There is always a fully equipped vessel designed to suit your needs, whether you're after a relaxing Sailing trip or action packed adventure. The best feature about skippering your own rental yacht is that the itinerary can made up as you go.

Another great rental option available in Airlie Beach is a motor cruiser. Each vessel has a fully equipped galley, navigation equipment and all the basic essentials needed to enjoy the endless nautical miles of the Whitsunday waters. Motor cruisers are perfect for soaring through the pristine water, but are also ideal for dropping anchor and going snorkelling, diving, fishing and much more.

A quicker way to gain a sea thrill and realise how absolutely stunning the Airlie Beach coastline really is, is on the back of a rental jet ski. With jet ski rental available 7 days a week, requiring no license and having minimal restrictions, it's a great way to indulge the more adrenaline minded individual.

Sea rental equipment is the number one way to soak up the true beauty of the Whitsundays most dazzling waters and beaches. Whether you choose to rent a yacht, motor cruiser or jet ski, it's guaranteed to make a visit to Airlie Beach even more exceptional.