Airlie Beach - Sailing

A great activity to participate in while visiting Airlie Beach is sailing. Fully qualified crew that have had years of sea experience take you on an unforgettable journey around the Whitsundays most spectacular locations. From hidden coves to breath-taking beaches, there's a sailing trip and vessel to suit anyone.

Airlie Beach adventure sailing trips are an action-packed expedition on-board a vessel ranging from historic to entirely contemporary. Passengers can enjoy helping the crew while sailing around the most gorgeous waters in the world.

Abel Point Marina, Courtesy of Tourism Queensland

Crewed sailing is another fantastic way to sail down the Airlie Beach coast and across the Whitsunday seas. Along with encouragement to help the crew, there are a number of other fantastic activities to enjoy including swimming, snorkeling, fishing, walking along secluded beaches and much more. Each crewed sailing operator is committed to providing excellent service and offers a huge variety of fully equipped crewed sailing vessels, ready for you.

The ultimate way to explore Airlie Beach's surrounding waters is on a luxury crewed sailing charter. Crew are completely dedicated to upholding superior standards and devoted to making your personal sailing desires manifest. For this reason, itineraries are tailor made and every need and requirement, along with state of the art equipment is provided for. Luxury crewed sailing charters are the most indulgent form of sailing around the Whitsundays.

The last method of sailing that is extensively available up and down the Whitsunday coastline is traditional sailing. Hop on board a vessel shrouded in character and History and learn a few basic traditional sailing skills.

All the sailing options, including adventure, basic crewed, luxury crewed and traditional make a visit to Airlie Beach that little bit more exciting. Which ever sailing trip is selected, it is guaranteed the Whitsunday waters will not disappoint even the most experienced sailor.