Airlie Beach - Proserpine River

The rich inter-tidal ecosystems and fresh water wetlands of the Proserpine River, situated close to Airlie Beach provide the perfect home to many species of native birds, mammals, reptiles and marine animals, including about 150 estuarine crocodiles. An exciting day trip involving a calm-water river, cruise into the realm of the Proserpine River will introduce you to a huge array of wildlife and of course the 240 million-year-old descendant of the Triassic Age, the saltwater crocodile.

As a visitor to Airlie Beach, the Proserpine River and surrounding Goorganga Wetlands are an ideal location to get up close and personal with crocodiles in their natural habitat, and experience a wide variety of native and migratory wildlife. So participate in a unique nature experience by visiting Proserpine River while on your Airlie Beach holiday.