Airlie Beach Humpback Whale Spotting


Enjoy a personal, not to be missed Airlie Beach encounter with the world's largest mammals as they travel on their ancient migratory journey through the warm Whitsunday waters. Every year, from July to September, humpback whales visit the Airlie Beach area to raise their new-born calves in the sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands.

An Airlie Beach spotting trip among the humpback whales is indeed an experience of a lifetime. These animals weigh 45 tonnes and grow up to 15 metres long, making them true ocean giants. You can watch on in amazement as these gentle giants spy hop, slap their tails, and playfully show off with full breaches out of the water. Humpback Whale spotting boats are not allowed to approach the whales within 100m but usually these inquisitive creatures will often approach closer by themselves.

To see these giants of the sea is an astonishingly inspiring experience. Whale numbers increase each year, and as a result sightings are very likely. So, if you decide to experience Airlie Beach Humpback Whale spotting don't forget your camera because if they are feeling playful, there will be spectacular photo opportunities.