Airlie Beach Shopping Facilities

All forms of shopping facilities can be found in the Airlie Beach area, from specialty and gift shops, food and provision shops, fine clothing boutiques and an assortment of tourist shops. Located only a few meters from the beach the Airlie Beach shopping centre has a casual atmosphere and holiday feel. Shopping is a wonderful way to spend a day, especially if you're after those hard to find gifts.

There is a large amount of shops in and around the main street of Airlie Beach and you are sure to find what ever item you need in this uniquely friendly environment. In the centre of Airlie Beach you are extremely likely to encounter a large number of gift shops, eating places ranging from fast foods to quality restaurants, pubs, bars, and easily accessible shops catering for all your holiday needs. Please note that most shops in the centre of Airlie Beach usually open seven days a week.

Shopping facilities are also available close to Airlie Beach, in the neighboring towns of Proserpine and Cannonvale. The Whitsunday shopping center on Shute Harbour road Cannonvale is the areas largest mall style shopping center. This is the common place for locals and holiday-makers alike, to come together and shop till they drop. This shopping center has many much needed facilities including; specialty shops, a post office, banks, automatic teller machines, sport store, cafes and a Bi-lo supermarket.

Another good place to spend time shopping is at the markets, which are located on the Airlie Beach Esplanade along the beachfront, every Saturday morning. This local market showcases a wonderful range of Airlie Beach and Whitsunday art and craft from very talented craftspeople. At these Airlie Beach markets you can expect to find beautiful jewellery, clothing, unique souvenirs, glass blowing and lots of entertainment.

Located in the heart of downtown Airlie Beach, the shopping facilities and weekly markets offer you a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to collect the gifts and essentials you need. Enjoy a day or two walking around the Airlie Beach shops as your bound to find something that intrigues the imagination.