Airlie Beach - Things to Know

Airlie Beach thrives with activity all year round. There are many things to know about this gorgeous town, located so perfectly on the east coast of Queensland. Before visiting Airlie Beach it is a great idea to obtain details on important numbers, the weather and climate, currency and banking, time zone, maps, where it is in Australia, local information centres, shops facilities, communication services, road and fuel conditions.

Airlie Beach is known for its exception weather and climate. The town escapes the humidity that usually plagues most of the northern area of Queensland during summer and maintains a steady maximum temperature of 32C, most of the year. Being situated in Queensland the time zone that applies to Airlie Beach is Australian Eastern Standard Time and is also explained as being 10hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Currency and banking is another hot topic related to visiting Airlie Beach. The currency used by Airlie Beach and the surrounding Whitsunday region is Australian dollars and cents. All major banks in the area offer a wide range of services including currency exchange, bank notes and electronic banking machines. Also, found in Airlie Beach are numerous forms of shopping facilities all located in close proximity to the stunning coastline.

Maps of Airlie Beach show where it is in the relation to the whole of Australia and more specifically the Whitsunday region. Airlie Beach can be found 1135km north of Brisbane and 650km south of Cairns, between Mackay and Townsville. If deciding to drive to Airlie Beach, note that the road conditions and fuel availability is excellent.

With everything that's on offer in and around Airlie Beach, a visit to any local information centre is strongly recommended. Obliging, knowledgeable staff can help with any type of booking or enquiry on the area. Lastly, communication services available throughout Airlie Beach include phones (both private and public), internet connections and a postal service.

A trip to Airlie Beach is guaranteed to be easier and run smoother with a little knowledge on the services at your disposal. Things to know about the area are endless, but a few important facts in preparation for a visit to Airlie Beach are always useful.