Airlie Beach's Time Zone

Situated in what's known as the Sunshine State, the fascinating town of Airlie Beach is home to perfect holiday weather, with warm, balmy days and cool, invigorating nights in summer, while the short winters bring slightly cooler nights and milder sunny days.

Airlie Beach is situated in upper Queensland so the time zone that applies to this perfect holiday town is Australian Eastern Standard Time. Another way to explain the time zone Airlie Beach is in is by adding 10 hours to Greenwich Mean Time. Please note that when finding out the times throughout Australia, while on holiday, it can cause slight confusion since the country is so large it spans three time zones and some Australian States experience daylight saving during the summer months.

Daylight saving hours applies to the A.C.T, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Lord Howe Island and normally starts in the last weekend of October and finishes in the last weekend of March. Queensland however does not experience daylight saving, so the town of Airlie Beach is not affected by time change during any point of the year.

So, when on your holiday of a lifetime and your friends and family overseas keep calling you in the middle of the night or they can not work out what time or season it is in Airlie Beach, then try and mention that the time zones are different. This simple method will guarantee you a good night's sleep so you can enjoy your action packed holiday in the morning.